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TV Buddy Caster – Enjoy Advanced Streaming

Who does not like to watch TV? Be it elections time you are busy clinging to the news channels, your favorite football tournament when you are busy in sports channels, or another episode of your favorite TV serial. You have heard about the antennas, cable networks, and dish networks.

Have you ever imagined about online streaming on your simple TV? Yes, it is possible for a smart TV but what about your mid-modern age ordinary TV? Is that eligible for next-level streaming experience? What you have to do for that? Thanks to TV Buddy Caster, you do not need to spend thousands of your hard-earned money on buying a new smart TV for you.

TV Buddy Caster is an online streaming device that works with your regular TV having an HDMI port. It uses the Wi-Fi connection to work and has the ultimate power to stream directly from your favorite online platforms and social networking apps as well. The cheery on the top is its compact design and portability that allows you to take TV Buddy Caster along with you. It does not need any supportive hardware and works more or less like a USB only.

So what is it that makes TV Buddy Caster such an advanced device? Have a look at the following features:

  • You will be surprised to know that TV Buddy Caster supports a variety of formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc. for photos, WMA, ACC, MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, etc. for audio, MOV, RM, AVI, VOB, TS, MKV, FLV, etc. for videos. You will never face a problem of unsupportive formats of audio, video, or photos.
  •  It works on the frequency of 2.4G, 5G that is well-known for high-internet speeds. TV Buddy Caster supports H.265/HEVC decoder as well as a 1080p HD support display.
  • It has different modes like  DLNA, AirMirror, Miracast, Airplay, cross framework reflecting and spilling of Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, etc.
  • It works well with all of the eminent platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, Tubi tv, Yidio, Snag Films, Vudu, Kodi, SPB TV, HBO NOW, Viki Rakuten, YouTube, Hulu, Apple Tvplus, Betplus, Popcorn Flix, Sony Crackle, Pluto, Viewster, ABC, NBC News, History Channel, etc. There is nothing that your TV Buddy Caster can’t afford to play!

TV Buddy Caster does not only promise but delivers an advanced level streaming experience. What does streaming mean to you? The broadcast of the online channel directly to your TV, right? What will you feel if this broadcast is full of interruptions and does not work smoothly? Have TV Buddy Caster with you that eliminates the possible problems associated with the online streaming and you get unlimited entertainment from the stylish yet powerful device.

It is an affordable solution as compared to the other casting devices available in the market. Technological advancement is not owning the latest device, it is owning a perfect economical device that works efficiently to deliver results like TV Buddy Caster.


RangeXTD – Best WiFi booster of 2020

Do you suffer from dead zones of the internet at your place? Are you even aware of the internet lacking areas in your so-called “smart home”? If not, then just randomly check your Wi-Fi signal strengths in your garage, porch, kitchen, etc. Is it the same strength as that of in your drawing room?

If no then you have to find an effective solution to eliminate these dead zones you’re your place. Thanks to technology, you have Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters. These are the electronic devices that amplify the signals of your existing internet connection. These simple yet powerful devices receive the signal, amplifies it, and then transmits it.

RangeXTD – WiFi Booster

So here we bring to you the best Wi-Fi booster of 2020. It is RangeXTD. RangeXTD enables you to use the best of your existing internet connection without causing a burden at your monthly internet bills. It is a compact electronic device that works in collaboration with the existing network connection and there is no need to upgrade the system or any other additional hardware.

  • Working: RangeXTD has a dual operation mode. It works as a signal booster and range extender simultaneously. So, along with amplifying the existing internet signal, it spreads the amplified signal to a range of up to 70 meters. It has built-in separate antennas for catching and transmitting the signals. The network is secured by the latest encryption technology.
  • Portability: It is a compact and stylish device that fits into your palm. It is portable and you can take it along with you to your home, office, or at any their place according to your requirement. You can use a single unit at more than one place once its installation is complete.
  • One-time-investment: The most amazing part of using RangeXTD is that it is a value for money device. RangeXTD does not add to the monthly internet charges and there is no need to change your existing network as well. You just have to incorporate RangeXTD at your place and it works in collaboration with your Wi-Fi router to deliver next-level internet experience to you.
  • Range XTD is cheaper than the other Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders available in the market. It is a single device with dual operation likewise you have to buy both extender and booster separately.
  • Easy to use:  There is no detailed set up required while starting your RangeXTD. All you need to do is to just plug it to the power supply, let it get synchronized with your Wi-Fi router and it is good to go!
  • Price: RangeXTD is currently available at heavy discounts offered by the manufacturer. Along with the discounts on single and multiple units, RangeXTD is secured with the 30-days money-back guarantee offered by the company in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

This is how; RangeXTD has grabbed its rank of number 1 among all of the Wi-Fi boosters available in the market. Grab a one for you now!


The 8 Best Gifts For Your Lovely Parents

Whether it is festival time or some special occasion like anniversaries, buying something for your parents is something very-very special. You want to buy the best for them not as a surprise but as a gesture of love and thankfulness for having them in your life.

However, buying the best gifts for your parents is not that easy. You have to look for the usability as well as the need. After all, you may not just gift them random chocolates like your friends, isn’t it? Gladly, we try to ease the process and have prepared a list. So here we bring to you the list of best gifts for your parents:

  • Family photo collection

Memories are lovable to the parents. You can go for any type of photo frame or family tree photographs that will keep the memories alive.

  • Family portrait or couple portrait

A portrait of your family or your parents is something that they can keep in the drawing-room and cherish for years. Portraits bring a classic touch to the memories.

  • Helpful kitchen appliances

If your parents love cooking, then you can go to the high-end kitchen appliances available in the market. You can go for carbonators, espresso makers, solar pots, outdoor coolers, wine coolers, countertop composters, etc. These will make them at ease.

  • Go the technical way

You can choose the latest technology products like fire sticks, Bluetooth speakers, virtual assistants based on Artificial Intelligence, etc. that are helpful in their day to day activities. The best option you can go for include home automation systems, the latest fit bits, or fitness trackers, etc.

  • Clothing and Accessories

Parents have spent the least on them and it is your time to change your wardrobe now. Looks like a boring idea but it can be fun with the latest wardrobe accessories that you can buy online as well. Gift them a new wardrobe along with the clothes!

  • Get their pending wish fulfilled

Your parents must have some unfilled wish like traveling to someplace or buying something or meet someone. Have a sneak into their wish list and gift them with the best surprise.

  • A “couple trip”

Parents always surrender their wishes for the bringing of their children. It’s your time to make sure that they live their life to the fullest. You can gift them around the world trip or a “couple trips”.

  • Plan a family holiday

You can never give your parents more happiness than being with them. For this, an ideal gift can be a holiday with parents at their favorite destination. You will be giving them the most precious gift of your time!

Nothing can make you happier than seeing your parents being happy due to you. No matter whatever you gift them; they will just see your concern and feelings, not their value. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday or Christmas, choose the best for the best parents in the world!